Gaming Club Casino. If Reliability is that Thing you Value Most in Online Casinos

Post By David Jahoda

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First Impression

Today in our field of vision will be considered a casino called the Gaming Club. This is one of the most “ancient” and experienced casinos in the global gaming market. Casino gaming club was founded, attention, in 1994! How much has survived the casino since its inception, and how many improvements it has known, we will judge based on the final result of this site.

The casino has a standard license controlled by Malta. You can judge the quality and reliability of the site by checking the information about the company that owns it. This is Digimedia Limited. In addition to the information that can be obtained on the basis of knowledge and license, and the owner company, you can draw certain conclusions about the casino, judging by the software on which the portal works. The casino operates on Microgaming software, which has a very good reputation among online resources. This is a guarantee that the online casino will function stably and without glitches in England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries.

As for games, the casino works with reliable suppliers of online games and slots. The range of free games is constantly updated. On the site you can find more than 400 games according to the version of the casino, and 350 games according to the version of other resources. I think you should still believe the second informant, since casinos always love to exaggerate. Among the games provided on the site there is a wide selection of various free games that each player will be able to find a suitable one. The casino not only guarantees its players the pleasure of the game, but also a guarantee of fair play, based on the new encryption. The Gaming Club casino even has a difference from eCOGRA, which already automatically indicates the seriousness and reliability of the casino.

The transparency of the game process and the honesty of money transfers are not the only things that the casino can offer. A good support service that is ready to assist your customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The site has a live chat, and an email address where you can contact specialists. In addition, if you are a member of the VIP program, you are provided with a personal manager who is ready to answer the player’s question even more quickly and efficiently. In addition to assistance related to technical issues, the site has a “responsible gaming” section where you can find help for gambling addicts.

The casino has a good mobile browser version that will fit almost any phone and operating system.

The cash withdrawal system on the site is not only safe, but also offers a wide variety of banking systems through which banking operations can be carried out. Let’s consider the aspects of this casino in more detail.

Variety of Games

As mentioned earlier, there are more than 350 games on the site of the gaming club casino. Including slots and other card games. The basis of a good game on the site is Microgaming software. Games from this provider are a sign of quality and confidence in a good game. Creation of slots here is especially serious. Here you can find a huge variety of slots, with different number of reels and on different topics. A wide variety of table games such as blackjack and roulette. And all this apart from the Live Casino, which is also available on the site. Let’s start with the slot, as with the largest category of games.

Online Slots

On the casino site you can find several types of slots. The first one is video slots. These are all the same classic slots, and the most popular of them are Tomb Raider: The Secret of the Sword and Hellboy. The following are the classic reel slots. Classical, because these are the first gaming machines that were born and introduced the world to gambling. Among the popular slots there are Cutesy Pie Classic and Oranges and Lemons. You can also find here types of slots like Megaspin. Megaspin means that a player can play several slots at the same time. The casino offers to play in High 5 and Double Magic – Mega Spins on the casino website. Fruit slot machines are no less popular slots on the site that convey the atmosphere of British pubs. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Here is an example of such games – Cash ‘n’ Sorry, The Gee Gees and Chavin it Large. And of course, progressive online slots (play), these are slots that accumulate bets made on this game from different casino sites. And the lucky one gets a win, equal to the whole amount accumulated during the time of making deposits. And of course, here you can meet the already familiar Mega Moolah game, as well as Major Millions and Tunzamines.

On the site, in the slots section, you can also select mobile slots that are supported in the browser version for phones.

Online roulette is a great entertainment on the site of any casino. This is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a great chance to win big money. There are several types of roulette on the site of the gaming club casino, so there will be plenty to choose from. Among the varieties of roulette on the site there are games with “external” and “internal” bets, as well as bets on the “count”.

Blackjack is an equally important gaming part of the casino. The most popular varieties of this game on the site are the European and American game in “21”, as it is also commonly called. But there are also other types of this game, for example Spanish blackjack and so on.

In addition, a huge selection of games lives in the Video Poker section. But the most “juicy” variety awaits players in the live casino section, where you can find craps, baсcarat and keno, in addition to the aforementioned blackjack and roulette. Good gaming software provides the opportunity to enjoy the game without any obstacles. The site does not indicate whether it is possible to test the games in the demo version, but it does indicate which games and slots will be available on the mobile device.

Design of Site

The site design is decorated in green and black colors, with excellent graphics and animations. The first thing that is displayed on the site when you enter it is a bonus offer that describes the conditions of the welcome bonus. At the top there is a menu menu that will lead the person who has just visited the site to sections such as promotions, casino games, contact support and, finally, the choice of language. It is worth noting that the casino site is available in a very extensive selection of languages. Among the languages ​​in which the site is available there are English, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Bulgarian, French, Suomi, Italian, German, and 10 more languages, which will take a very long time. In addition to these languages, the site is also available in several dialects derived from the main languages. Which means that the site is maximally tailored to the user’s convenience. And this is not casual, as the gaming club casino site is available in a large number of countries, accepting players from Estonia, Israel, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. In accordance with this, different currencies are accepted on the site. When registering, the user must indicate which banking system and which currency he prefers to use. In general, the registration process on the site is quick enough and does not take much trouble. When registering, all that will need to be indicated to the user is the address, telephone, identity document and fill out the remaining formal fields. The whole procedure does not take much time.

Further, below on the site, there will be buttons everywhere agitating to start the game as soon as possible. And between them, there will be general information about the site, information about the banking systems of the site, about support programs and, of course, about the license. At the very bottom you can find useful site links that provide information about the responsible game, the banking system, bonuses and so on. In general, the site is very simple and straightforward. The menu is simple and absolutely easy to use, it will not be difficult to figure it out. The only thing that confuses the look a little is the unfriendly colors – the dark colors in which the entire casino site is decorated.


A good casino with a good assortment of games should have a decent support service. The online casino support service is open around the clock and seven days a week. Therefore, players can ask for help in a live chat or write a letter to an email address at any time necessary. Finding a mail address or link to a live chat is easy. The link to the site support is located in the menu bar. It is also worth taking into account that VIP clients have the opportunity to have their own managers who will be responsible for the issues of certain accounts.

In addition to the active links that can be found on the site, the user has the opportunity to independently study the issue by scrolling through the information on the conditions and use, as well as on the rules of the casino. Chat managers respond quickly and easily resolve issues. So do not be shy about the problems that arise, but immediately contact the support service.

Bonus system and loyalty program

Now let’s talk about the most “delicious” part of the casino, these are bonuses. As in any other online casino, the site has a good welcome bonus. After registering on the site, the first thing the user does is make a deposit. After making the first deposit, the player is automatically given a welcome bonus of 100% up to a maximum amount of $200. That is, having made a deposit, for example, in the amount of $100, the player automatically receives an additional 100 bonus dollars to his account. The second deposit varies in the ratio of interest and money. A player can make a deposit of up to $150 and get a 150% bonus on games. That is, by depositing an account with $50, you can get 75 bonus dollars. In addition, every day, every week and every month, active bonus programs and promo codes are updated on the site. You can find out about current promotions, free spins, available bonuses by receiving notifications by mail. Also, every week, on weekends, promotions are held, the prizes of which are based on user activity from last week. All prizes and winnings from promotions consist of prize points, cash bonuses, free spins and so on.

In addition to the above bonuses, the site also has a loyalty program. As with all online casinos, the loyalty program is that the more often a player makes deposits, the more he gets points, which can later be exchanged for currency units that are transferred to the player’s account. These bonuses, he/she can then easily spend on free games and play for fun. And of course, the VIP program, which, by the way, is also available on the Gaming Club website. Exclusive promotions, promo codes, additional bonuses, personal managers, no deposit bonus, big cash rewards and much more can be attached to VIP club members, which can be found on the casino website by registering your account.


When the issue concerns banking, and the player decides that it is time to withdraw winnings or make a deposit, the casino site will pleasantly surprise users. The fact is that the site offers the Bank category, which lists all the banking systems that can be used to transfer money. Opposite each banking system, there is a detailed description with all the nuances, so that the user himself can choose the appropriate system for the transfer. What system limit depends on the choice of the system, how much it will be credited to the card, and whether there will be a commission. Thus, among the banking systems on the site, you can choose between many systems that depend on which country a person plays in. For example, Visa, Maestro Card and Maestro, offer a minimum deposit of 10 euros or dollars. ECHESK, ECHESK, SKRILL and NETELLER offer a minimum withdrawal amount of 5 dollars or euros. The withdrawal time through these programs is a day or 48 hours. And with the maximum time to withdraw money, the ECO CARD banking system or any bank transfer appears. Again, the selected system is affected by the country in which the player is located, so it will be wise for the user to examine the list of proposed systems.

In order to be able to withdraw money or make a deposit, the player will have to verify his account. This can be done by presenting an identity card, and copies of bank receipts for any utility service.

And also, the big plus of the site will be that the casino site encloses a document that indicates and describes in detail the percentage of payments. The file is attached in PDF format, and downloading it and opening it will not be difficult.

Responsible Gaming

The gaming club casino is concerned about its users and expresses its concern, not only providing round-the-clock support to the players, but also monitoring the morale of the players.

Firstly, it is worth considering that the game on the online casino site is available only to players who have reached the age of eighteen. If the user lives with children, or the laptop is shared, the casino advises not to leave your open account unattended and not tell someone your password. The casino also warns that gambling should only be considered for entertainment and enjoyment. When a player notices that he begins to have problems with gambling, and more specifically, he becomes more irritable, takes a lot of money, goes into debt, and so on, this means that he should pay attention to his gambling addiction. The casino site offers several options on how you can limit yourself from games and solve the problem of gambling. The first break involves periods of “limitation”, which are as follows. The player can limit himself on a short period of time at 24 hours, after which he will again have access to his account. And a maximum exception period of six months. During this time, the player can not cancel or change the limit. In addition, the player will not be able to play on other sites, which will be strictly monitored by the casino.

Another type of limit is a deposit limit. In this case, Dimit can be set to day, week or month. The user sets the limit himself, and can change it at the end of his action. Such restrictions are coordinated through managers from the support service. Also, in order to find out if a player has a problem or not, the casino offers to go through a short questionnaire, consisting of about twenty questions. If seven of them are answered positively, the player will have problems with gambling. In this case, in the section of the responsible game, the site makes several links that will transfer a person to the site, where they can help players with a gambling addiction. The main thing is to contact the support service on time.

Gaming Club casino is an experienced casino, and knows how dangerous gambling can be, and therefore take care of its customers in such a way.

Mobile Version for Casino

As for the mobile version on the phone, the site developers took care of their users. For active users of smartphones and other gadgets, the casino has developed a special browser version that automatically appears on the phone when a player logs in to play through a smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to download a special supplement to your phone to play your favorite games without interruption and all that. The site indicates which games are available in the mobile version and which are not. Thus, you can find a whole section devoted to games that are supported in the mobile version. So playing through a tablet or via phone is the player’s choice. The quality of the games and the interface does not change, the games remain the same quality and enjoyable.

Our Verdict

Now, we come to the longest and most thorough section of our review. Now let’s summarize all the pros and cons of the Gaming Club casino. And let’s start with the casino itself, as an online portal.

Founded in 1994, the casino is almost the oldest casino in the world of gambling. And this age had a positive effect on the online portal. The casino has good and high-quality games, thanks to its gaming provider. Microgaming gives pleasure to its players, thanks to high-quality games and their wide variety. Live casino and a variety of slots – pleasantly surprise the players. As for the reliability and honesty of the casino, the Gaming Club assures its users of honesty and proper games. The casino assures that it can in no way affect the development of the game and predict the course of the game. In addition, the casino vouches for the protection of data and all information received from the client.

Thus, the casino site has a difference from eCOGRA, which, in turn, provides a guarantee of a reliable game and a guarantee that the information and user data will not be disclosed. In addition to reliability and protection of clients, the casino takes care of its players, providing assistance to gambling-dependent users. It is possible to follow the links to go to a site that is ready to provide assistance or set appropriate limits for yourself, which will help limit access to games. If users have questions and technical problems, the player can always contact the support service, which, according to information from the casino website, works round-the-clock. The presence of live chat and email – all this can be found in the menu selection. And for the participants of the VIP program there are separate managers who are responsible for each VIP member separately.

Now, regarding monetary findings. The minimum deposit amount that can be withdrawn to the site consists of one dollar or euro. This is nonsense, given that on other sites the minimum deposit amount is 10 or 20 dollars or euros. One way or another, the amenities do not end there. The site offers a large number of banking systems, each of which offers its own withdrawal options, given the time, commission and amount for a minimum withdrawal. In some programs, there are no restrictions at all. Another plus will be the fact that a description is attached to each system, which is also very convenient for study.

What to say about the generous bonus system, which offers a large number of bonuses, promo codes and free spins. The casino also has a loyalty program and a VIP club. The first is to literally “pay” their games for playing in this casino. And the second is to give its participants a lot of pleasant bonuses and privileges.

The advantages of the Gaming Club casino will be that the casino is available in many countries, and on this basis it offers its customers to choose for themselves what language the site will look like. Also, the player can choose the appropriate currency for him. The support team will also answer in the appropriate language, so you can not be afraid of not knowing the English language.

The casino site is convenient, although there is not as much information in it as you would like. The colors in which the site is designed look a bit unsympathetic. Even, dark and green colors do not highlight the colorful and good qualities of the casino, but it may seem to someone a plus.

Summing up all aspects of the casino, you can easily say that if you are looking for a reliable casino with good guaranteed payments and a pleasant bonus system, then these casinos are for you! The main thing is to remember that the casino was created in order to have fun, so play wisely and for fun.